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What is the minimum amount?

For silk and grosgrain: 11 yards, with no sizing. From 22 yards on, it can distribute until 4 sizes per reel.

Presentation: reel with marks to separate/cut each individual label.

Ribbon widths: 3/8 In (only one line can be printed), 5/8 In, 1 In, 1 ½ In, and 1/4 In.

Metal Tags and other items: See specific product for more details.5


How many labels are there in a reel?

For standard label of approx. 3 In long:

A reel of 11 yards will have approx. 140 labels (minimum amount - no sizing).

A reel of 22 yards will have approx. 285 labels

A reel of 33 yards, will have approx. 430 labels

A reel of 44 yards will have approx. 570 labels


What payment methods do we offer?

100% when placing the order. PayPal, transfers to Bank of America and Royal Bank of Canada.


What is the delivery time?

Prices shown are based on a 8-business-days delivery after full payment have been recorded and we received the design in the specify file extension


Where to record a payment?

You can enter the payment information in the RECORD PAYMENT section in the ribbon.

How to provide us with your logo?

Send us your logo by email. The file must an editable and vectorized (not .JPG or .BMP images). Include in your email the fonts used in your logo design.